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November 2011 Mission Trip with Quechua Benefit
to Chivay Peru:
Lisa and Perry are proud to be associated with Quechua Benefit, a faith based non-profit dedicated to helping the Quechua people in Peru. The most recent project is the building of Casa Chapi in Chivay Peru. This children’s village will house 100 children, teaching them basic life skills and providing them with an education and medical care. The village will be at 100% occupancy by the end of 2014.  However, much still needs to be completed.  Maranatha Alpaca Farm is helping to build the chapel building at Casa Chapi. A percentage of all of our sales go toward the chapel building fund. To make a donation please click HERE to make a donation. Indicate the donation is for the chapel in the comments section. Your support is very much appreciated.


Peruvian man standing next to rock wall

Peruvian woman weaving

Traditional Weaving

Peruvian Girl Selling Bracelets

Baby in hat wrapped in a red blanket

Woman taking blood pressure on man

Woman sitting on curb next to road

small girl and 2 girls

man herding cows on road