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Customer Comments

Barbara and her Family visit Maranatha Alpaca Farm. (Click to view photos).

A students view:
“I had a lot of fun getting spit-on by the alpacas. It was a fun experience to photograph them too.  – A Chantilly High School Student (Photography Class Field Trip 2014)

“Thank you for letting us come out and play with the alpacas. It was so much fun and I got a lot of good pictures.” – CHS Student.  A Chantilly High School Student (Photography Class Field Trip 2014)

Church Group field Trip:

“I had a really great time at Maranatha Alpaca Farm. The presentation was very informative and entertaining for all ages with opportunities to get hands on experience with loose fier and skins. Following the presentation, all of the kids and I got to feed the alpacas and touch them which was very cool, especially for the kids. Alpacas are kind of obscure and it’s really great to be able to interact with them in real life”. (Marta P., Kings Highway Baptist, Summer Camp 2014).

From Girl Scout troops:

“Would like to have spent more time with the alpacas.  It was nice to have the journey completed in one day.  Very professional and informative presentation.  Soup was great and so was the pie!  Friendly environment and very welcoming.  At times a little difficult to process for a 9 year old at such a quick pace.  10 girls, good size.  Thank you for all of your efforts, it was a well thought out and run program”.  (Comments from unknown adult at our Get Moving Journey in 2014)

“Needed lunch break sooner, the breaks are good, the discussion is fun and interactive, some of the terminology is not in their current vocabulary, hands on activities are the best”  (Comments from unknown adult at our Get Moving Journey event in 2014)

“Very welcoming farm and owners.  Outdoor classroom is a great change from normal learning environment.  Lots of good information was presented in a practical manner.  A little more time with the alpacas for the girls would have been nice…some girls had a hard time with sitting still.  Overall, this was a well-presented program.  Very interesting information in a lovely environment”.  (Comments from unknown parent present at our Get Moving Journey event in 2014)
“Very well run, I like the way you both interacted with the girls. Need more moving actiities between sessions, but once I mentioned that, you did.  Thank you!”  -Debbie M. Troop 5212.  (Comments following a Girl Scout Journey Day, 2014)

2014 Boy Scout ‘Textile Merit Badge’ Program comments:     Scouts:  “Thank you for a informative and fun class. One of the best classes I have taken. – Noah, Troop 39
“”Thumbs up”. ” – Jeremy E.
“Good Job”  -  Caleb E.

Scout Leaders:
“A wonderful and informative experience. Excellent for all !! Thank you. ” -  Ed E.

“Excellent hands! Looking forward to coming back.”  -  James J.

“Maranatha,  Thank you for an exceptional merit badge class. My sons each have over 70 merit badges and your Textile class is great. My sons truly appreciated the hands-on activity.  God Bless.  Joe G. Scoutmaster, Troup 39, Purcellville, VA”

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge with our scouts and parents. We learned a lot!” Troop 3510, Jennifer S.

“We had a  grat time, ‘spite the weather. Thanks.” Troop14, Angel L.

Alpaca Adoption Program:

  • Charles and Eileen are very active in our “Adopt an Alpaca” program. Here is an email  Charles recently sent to us.

“My wife and I love Maranatha Alpaca Farm so much it was our anniversary gift to each other this year.  My wife is an avid crafter and has been looking for a local source of raw wool for her drop spindle and spinning wheel.  I did some online research and came across a listing for Maranatha Alpaca Farm.  The name stuck in my head, so when I saw that they had a stand at “First Night Fredericksburg” I made sure that we went by to check it out.  The Alpacas were adorable and we spent 30 minutes talking to Lisa & Perry.  Fast forward to March and we are looking for something to do for our anniversary.  We were driving around Fredericksburg checking out the arts and crafts and ran across some fiber arts at a craft center which made us thing of Maranatha.  My wife called to see if we could come by for a tour and an hour later there we were.  The alpacas were even more adorable (not trying to sleep), the products in the gift shop are quality items, Lisa & Perry share our values, and we ended up adopting an alpaca – Tobias, a hansome true black young male alpaca.  Our anniversay gift that keeps on giving.  Fast forward again and there I am out of the farm for herd health day, out on the farm helping with the chores, helping with the alpacas and learning so much.  It was like growing up in the country all over again, but without getting kicked by horses or dealing with smelly stupid sheep.  Did I mention that alpaca wool is hypoallergenic (great for my allergies), and alpacas are practically odorless and they coo and hum?  Well shearing day is here and we are excited.  See you soon Tobias.  (5-26-2013).     Charles G.  ”

As participants in the “Adopt-an-Alpaca” program at the Shepherd Level, Charles and Eileen keep the fleece form “their” alpaca, “Tobias”.

  • Amy, A mother of 4 with 1 on the way, bought 3 young males last summer. This is what she has to say about her experience:

I am a homeschooling mother of four-soon to be five. My sister-in-law and I had an interest in the fiber arts from way back and we hoped to teach our children skills in this area. We knew it would also be something fun for us all as a family to do together. We had some pasture-not a lot, but enough for alpaca-and decided to see if alpaca were easy enough for us to take on. We met Lisa, Perry and their beautiful alpaca farm. Wow! What a fun experience! Lisa took the time to really get to know us and what we wanted so that she could best match alpacas to our desires. Perry was “information central” about their proper care and handling. We settled on three young males. Love them! It has been almost a year now and they are just part of the family. I must be honest, my children were very nervous about halter leading them on their own. Alpaca are large to little ones. However, it did not take long for that nervousness to turn to confidence! Enjoyment! Peaceful, gentle love and care! Megan (9) and Shannon (7) and even Hunter (4) and Michael (2) love to “take the alpaca for a walk in the field” and just be with them as they munch grass. The girls feed, water and care for them without any problems. What a wonderful responsibility for them! This has not been without challenges to overcome; alpaca can feel threatened and spit. (Especially young, upstart males) You really must learn to hold your ground and  “be the boss” or they will push you around a little. So, we have all learned to send a clear message that we are in charge, but without scaring or challenging them “to a spit-dual”. These are wonderful lessons for my children-they see how to kindly LEAD without being overwhelming or mean. They also learn not to be a push-over and to continue to “solve the problem”. I can’t think of another species that is as big as an alpaca that has such a gentle way to teach children these kinds of lessons–without fear of being bit, kicked or seriously injured. They are gentle trainers! We have been in touch with Lisa and Perry throughout the year- they are always there for advice and support when needed and that is so very comforting. I would recommend their alpacas in particular to ANYONE-for three reasons 1) Lisa and Perry are professional, family-friendly and a joy to call friends! 2) You will have alpaca with impeccable fiber quality-it is what their breeding emphasizes and 3) You will have handsome/beautiful, healthy, well trained alpaca with wonderful personalities that you and your whole family can enjoy “right out of the gate”- The whole package!! Hey, if I can do it  (with 4-soon to be 5-kids) anybody can!! :)   –  Amy  April, 2013

  • Excellent and thorough Merit Badge Workshop! Highly recommended! -Matthew Sampson
  • This is a great program for the boys; short, easy, and fun with great hands on activities to support the learning. Highly recommend this to all the troops. -Tim Sherwood
  • Hello Darley Family,
    Just a short note of thanks for the terrific learning experience of Alpacas, if not for Garrett, for me, Sheila. You have a fantastic organization/business going, teaching Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the 4H Club about fabric and Alpacas. Would love to visit when it’s time to sheer the Alpacas. Again thank you. – Sheila
    Patterson Garrett (scout) October 2011
  • “I really enjoyed the visit” – Rose Marie’s aunt Ethel Marie
  • Our kids Luis and Manuel were fascinated with the Alpacas. My husband and I had a wonderful experience too. – Aida July, 2011
  • Boy Scout Merit Badge Comments:
  • “Watching alpacas getting sheared was amazing! What a terrific educational experience for our Scouts.” Caroline D. Troop 170 .
  • Great Class! Thanks for hosting. Being able to see and touch the alpacas was a good aspect and advantage. Good fun, hands-on educational experience.” Scott P. Troop 173.
  • “What a great hands-on experience this was for the boys.It was awesome that the boys got to see everything from alpaca care to finished products. Thank you!. Wade & Kelly R. troop 3510.
  • “My family and I have been repeat customers of Maranatha Alpaca Farm for years. They have wonderful open house days where our kids can view the alpacas and learn all about them. Their selection of wonderful clothing items made from the super-soft and warm alpaca wool and interesting toys for the kids makes them a great place to visit. I highly recommend them.”
  • Kenneth Gross of Fredericksburg, VA on November 01, 2010